Live Coverage :: SPACE CAMP

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

We have had a “blast” so far this week at Space Camp!  It has been a great mix of facts, fun, and crafting.  All week long we are learning about space, planets, constellations, eclipses, astronauts, aliens, and more!

Take a peek at all of the sweet moments that have happened so far.  Thanks to our instructor Brittany Ranew for giving these kiddos such a great experience!  We can’t believe that we have a whole summer full of Summer Camps to look forward to!

treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2309 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2311 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2312 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2328 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2332 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2349 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2350 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2360 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2325 treehousekidandcraft-spacecamp-2293 photos by Kristen Bach


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